Night Market Canada Cultural Organization


Night Market Canada Cultural Organization is a non-profit company dedicated in creating world-class festivals to illustrate the vast array of multiculturalism in Canada. Originally launched in partnership with T&T Supermarket Inc in 2010, the Waterfront Night Market has become one of the most recognized cultural festivals across North America. The WNM treats attendees to an exciting outdoor culinary experience featuring an enticing selection of Asian theme ‘street food’ and merchandise, combined with our own flavour of entertainment and cultural performances for an all-out night market experience. The essence of the WNM is to provide an array of multicultural theme cuisine; to unite different cultures together in participating in cross-cultural social event; ultimately, showcasing Canada’s mosaics of unparalleled fusion foods and lifestyle, integrated into one destination


Night Markets are an integrated fabric of Asian culture, commerce and community facilitating intergenerational interactions with all markets. Dating back to the Tang Dynasty (618–907 A.D.), Night Markets operate 365 ‘nights’ a year and have continued to be an emblem of the bustling urban lifestyle across numerous Asian cities worldwide.

"Our Mission is to unite the Pan-Asian community through unique cultural lifestyle experiences,

while providing a platform for our communities partners to Communic8 their traditions and heritage."

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