Frequently asked questions

What can I bring with me?

• Valid photo ID - This is a 19+ event (a photocopy of ID does not count) • Your Ticket - (Best to print it out and bring with you, unless you ordered a mobile ticket) • Comfortable ShoesCashTTC tokens / PRESTO card • Mobile phone - to take selfies, call a cab or Ubers - Please enjoy responsibly, don't drink and drive. • Raincoat & SMALL umbrella • Smoking / Cannabis Policy: Full Moon Festival // Mask-Off Fest has designated smoking areas on the grounds where smoking is permitted. Consumers smoking outside the designated areas will be asked to extinguish their smoke and move to a designated area. Consumer's refusing to abide by the smoking policy will be subject to removal from the festival grounds. Consumers are allowed entry with a small quantity of "personal use only" cannabis (recreational or medicinal)

What can I NOT bring?

• Large video cameras, Cameras, unauthorized Professional Equipment • Selfie Sticks (seriously, they can be weapons... lol) • All illegal substances are strictly prohibited.

This is an Outdoor Event, What happens if it rains?

Rain or shine, the show goes on… but if it does rain, it just means more water for the lanterns! Remember to dress for the weather… your raincoat and rubber boots may make your experience if it calls for rain.

What are COVID-19 Protocols for the event?

Please have your Proof of Vaccination ready for quick entry. Those without Proof of Vaccination will be require to submit a self-assessment screening-tool prior to entry in accordance to Phase 3 Reopening Framework of Ontario.

Is there Parking?

There is parking available directly at Hotel X and surrounding lots. Show management does NOT control nor manage any of the parking.


• NO Pets (We love them, but no they’re NOT ALLOWED)


• NO Children (We love them too, but this is a fully licensed 19+ event... we'll have something for the whole family in 2022!)